Material support

In response to numerous material needs, the purchase of sets of educational and sports materials was planned for 100 children from Ukraine participating in the project "Świętokrzyskie - good neighborhood for Ukraine".
These will be useful things when studying, doing sports or traveling around Poland.

Gift sets will be handed over at the Information Point for Foreigners in Kielce, and the condition for receiving assistance will be a declaration of participation in the project completed by parents/legal guardians (confirming that the person entered the territory of the Republic of Poland after February 24, 2022).

Commencement of the above support is scheduled for December 2022.

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We speak in four languages: Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and English.

Viber/WhatsApp: +48789085083
e-mail: info@2023.inteuro.info

25-501 Kielce
st. Sienkiewicza 78A (second floor)

The fastest way to find us is by visiting the internet platform: Map of Good Neighborhood INTEURO.INFO
We are also present in social networks Facebook, Instagram i YouTube.


Project "Świętokrzyskie - Good Neighborhood for Ukraine" co-financed by the National Program of the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund "Safe Harbor"


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