Meeting with Ukrainian writer Maks Kidruk in Kielce

On October 26th, Kielce became the venue for a unique event for literature lovers

A meeting with the prominent Ukrainian writer Maks Kidruk took place at the office of the Association Integration Europe-East. The meeting was an opportunity to learn more about the author and his latest novel "The Colony"

Maks Kidruk, a well-known and respected author, is the author of many acclaimed literary works. His latest book, "The Colony", has attracted a great deal of interest from readers.

There was also an opportunity to purchase the author's books. It is worth mentioning that this meeting was organised as part of a charity tour of Europe. All the funds raised from the purchase of books will go to the "Angar" humanitarian aid headquarters. The writer made his works available and willingly signed them for his fans, which made the copies even more special. In addition, in order for the attendees to celebrate this special occasion even more, it was possible to take a photo with the writer. The moment when literature lovers could pose next to their favourite author provided unforgettable memories.

The meeting with Maks Kidruk in Kielce is a unique event for literature lovers. It is a moment when literature brings people together and the author shares his passion and knowledge with his readers. For participants, it is not only an opportunity to get to know the author, but also an inspiration for further reading and creation. The meeting with Maks Kidruk in Swietokrzyskie Voivodeship was an event that was sure to leave many beautiful memories and encourage further exploration of the literature of this talented writer.

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