Thank you to all our students!

The last week of October was at the same time the last week of the free Polish language courses run by the Association Integration Europe-East in 2023. We would like to thank all the students for their participation and congratulate those who passed the exam.

For many years, Association Integration Europe-East has been organising free Polish language courses for foreigners in Kielce. Last year alone, almost 1,000 people - mostly Ukrainian citizens - took advantage of these courses. This initiative was a response to the most pressing needs of non-EU citizens in the Swietokrzyskie Voivodeship, namely communication and integration in a multicultural environment. Our courses have enabled foreigners not only to communicate better in everyday life, but above all to function more effectively in school and work environments. The result of better communication in Polish, in turn, was stronger integration with Poles, better adaptation to life in new conditions, greater independence, better prospects on the labour market, etc.

In total, since June 2022, the Association has held 62 Polish language courses. The classes were taught in groups of several people by certified teachers of Polish as a foreign language: Dr Ewa Sikora-Sierocka, Dr Dagmara Korczynska, Dr Kinga Solewicz.

The free-of-charge nature of the classes was made possible through funding from two sources. One was the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund Safe Hourbor and the project "Swietokrzyskie - good neighbourhood for Ukraine". Funding from this source allowed 12 courses to be organised, between 20 October 2022 and the end of September 2023. A total of 242 students took part in FAMI-funded classes, learning mainly at the basic and intermediate levels. The project was exclusively aimed at Ukrainian citizens affected by the war.
Other foreigners, on the other hand, were able to benefit from free Polish language courses as part of the project 'Together We Can Do More - First Edition of the Activation Programme for Foreigners for 2022-2023', announced by the Minister of Family and Social Policy and co-financed by the Labour Fund. From June 2022 to the end of October 2023 alone, 699 foreigners from various countries - mainly Ukraine, Belarus and Turkey - benefited from the classes. As in the 'Świętokrzyskie - good neighbourhood for Ukraine' project, the most popular levels were basic and intermediate.
The vast majority of our students have successfully completed their training, passing the final exam and receiving a certificate. 

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